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Every single senior session that I do is one-of-a-kind and unique in it's own way. The senior session I had with Lucas, from Woodbury High School, is no different! As a matter of fact, it is one of those sessions that will always standout because of how out-of-the ordinary it was!


This is Lucas. World War II Buff extraordinaire and collector of WWII memorabilia. Loves his cowboy boots and cowboy hats, and the button up flannels-with rockin' cool tee shirts to pair, followed by a black Mustang. A brilliant smile, soft spoken guy, but full of energy and motivation to go after what he wants. 


(Backstory on my connection with Lucas: His dad used to teach at my alma-mater back in the mid-90s and I was working there as well at the time in the Technology Department. Fast forward the clock - his dad, Noel, joined the Army National Guard - and ended up being in the same unit as one of my brothers! Small world, right! (Hoorah!) It was very cool being able to reconnect after so long. Back to Lucas' senior session!)

caption this!

caption this!

Lucas plays tennis for Woodbury High School, so that is where our senior session started - was on the court!


From the tennis court we worked our way to thee coolest place I may have ever shot at. We had access to go into some commemorative war planes at the Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing in South St. Paul. While the pictured machine gun was only a replica of the real thing - it was beyond cool to be able to capture Lucas in his element.


Lucas brought his collector WWII military helmet-and even wore it in a few images! It was a really fun session to be able to go into these commemorative bomber planes to take photographs.

one of my personal favorites from Lucas' session. this was 100% natural light. it was awesome.

one of my personal favorites from Lucas' session. this was 100% natural light. it was awesome.

Lucas, what an amazing senior session we had! I'm certain that your dreams will come true as you move on to the new adventure that awaits you at the impressive Embry-Riddle Aviation University in Prescott, AZ. Your dad said it: Aviation is in your blood. Congrats to you as you await this new journey ahead. And thank you for a super cool senior session!

To view Lucas' session in a special mobile phone app - click here! Includes a full video of his senior session slideshow!


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