I BELIEVE young people from all walks of life have a unique story to be told, and a voice that longs to be heard. I unapologetically tell these life stories in photographs.

A senior portrait experience with me goes well beneath the surface of the portrait itself. I strive to help teens discover they have permission to love their self unconditionally both inside and out. I am committed to providing a safe outlet where teens can freely and confidently embrace their most authentic
self, and remind them that others care about their wellbeing. 

Through personal connection and earned trust, I aim to empower, elevate and validate self-confidence so teens can boldly declare “THIS IS THE REAL ME. I AM ENOUGH. I AM WORTH IT. I MATTER.”
Being part of this experience encourages young people to not only believe in their declared truth, but embrace their individuality, and vow to never be afraid to let the world know who they are.

My name is Monda the Photographer and I am a storyteller.
Thanks for being here!

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