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Recently I've dug deep into the core values and reasons why I do what I do in my photography business. Especially when I am focusing on the younger generation: Teens and high school seniors.

Since I started this business nearly 8 years ago, I've grown to realize my place in this industry is to provide more than just a picture to someone who hires me. Because at my core - it is so much deeper. I have the greatest opportunity in the world to be able to show people - especially the younger people -  just how amazing they are INSIDE AND OUT by developing relationships and listening to their stories. From challenges to victories, and all of the moments in between: Their stories matter. 

And when those stories come to life in my custom portraits from their experience with me? The result brings empowered moments and maybe even life-changing realizations and an abundance of self confidence and realizing their worth - that today they are enough - and knowing it is OK to love themselves for who they are right now. My clients look beyond their portrait and know what it stands for. That to powerful in itself, and is a huge reason why I do what I do. This is why I'm here. 

And I want to publicly share my business manifesto specifically for my senior and teen portrait business with all of you-but rest assured my values extend across all platforms of my portrait philosophy. I'm very proud everything I stand for, and I am beyond excited to bring my core values forward. 

With that I bring to you my Senior/Teen Portrait Manifesto!


I have a "Part II" to my Manifesto - it stemmed from my teen program I launched a few years ago...focusing on the motto of "I AM ME." And I feel this resonates across the board - and I want every single person I work with to remember these declarations day in and day out.

Why? Because you are worth it, and you matter.


And there you have it. In the coming months, you'll see my common core messages intertwined with all my social media platforms and in the work I do. It may take me a little bit to tie it all together - but that is ok - because we are ALL works in progress and ever evolving, right? I just had to shout it out to you that this is me, this is what I stand for. And I've never stood taller. (so what if I'm short!) I love this feeling. I really do.

Thank you to my amazing clients who give me purpose in doing what I do. Without your honesty and vulnerability during your portrait experience with me, and beyond into friendships and life - I don't know where I'd be today. I'm so thankful and blessed. And to those who have helped me get to this point-I love you dearly!!

Fondly, Monda the Photographer
Creative Storyteller

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