Emma, Class of 2018 | South St. Paul High School, MN

And here she is...the one, the only....Miss Emma, Class of 2018 Senior and soon-to-be graduate from South St. Paul!


Emma is a beautiful soul who is an all-around awesome person. She can be described as athletic yet laid back, helpful, goal-oriented but a realist, sarcastic and opinionated, and fun--all wrapped up in one! 

If you have followed my page for sometime - you will know how fascinated I am with genetics and how blown away I can get with facial feature similarities between family members. Emma is the ultimate mix of her mom and dad! [On a side note: I grew up with Emma's mom from elementary school through senior high - so seeing Emma was like taking a glimpse into her mom's eyes all over again - just as I remembered in my younger years! Emma is the spitting image of her mom - with a hint of dad's complexion and ginger hair. Genes are so amazing!]

My goal for Emma during her senior session was for her to be reminded of just how beautiful she is, inside and out. To take a day that was all about HER vs the busy life she juggles with soccer, being the team manager for the boys wrestling team, being a big sister-helping to get her younger siblings to and from their sporting events, working, and managing to fit in a social life. We started her day with an amazing makeup application with my awesome friend, Petra. Let me tell you - Emma sparkled in the sunlight during her session like no other! Take a look!

The 411 on Emma:

How do your friends best describe you: Probably mature, but also carefree.

Where do you like to hang out with your friends? We love going to my cabins!

What are your plans after high school? I will be attending St Cloud State University!

What are 3 things that nobody knows about you?
1. I bite my nails.
2. I'm always listening to music.
3. I love to cook.

Speaking of music...who's the top artists on your playlist? Rihanna, Kehlani, Rascal Flatts.

What is your ultimate dream job? It WAS to become a nurse practitioner...but...we'll see!

What is your message/advice you would give to underclassmen? Don't procrastinate that paper! Make tons of friends!


The most amazing thing that I love about my job as a storyteller are going beyond the cover of each person's unique life story. Sometimes life throws us the ultimate curve balls - altering the original version of the story we once knew. Yet, life continues on in a new "normal", and within our hearts, we learn to adapt, persevere, and cherish the special chapters of our lives in our own unique ways. In her own life, Emma is doing just that! 


During Emma's senior session, she chose to commemorate a very special person in a subtle yet profound way-and I just thought it was the coolest way to remember a loved one gone too soon. Emma has an amazing tattoo of her beloved mom's signature on her forearm, to remind her daily that her mom is with her always - from the day-to-day motions to the huge milestones like high school graduation, and beyond. There were also a few pieces of mom's jewelry that Emma chose to wear during her shoot. Tugs at your heartstrings a little bit (ok tugs at them A LOT) to think about what she has gone through and just how special her life story is. 

A glimpse at Emma's session:

Emma, I hope you are so proud of yourself and the young lady you have become! You have had to endure more at a young age than most will ever experience, and you, my friend, have blossomed and are wise beyond your years. May you go far in your life...reach for the stars and never lose sight of your dreams. I cannot wait until you can get your portraits in your hands, you are so freaking gorgeous!

Charr, thank you so much to you and your family for sharing your Emma with me to capture these special moments of her senior year. It really was a special time for her. You done good, dad, you done good! And I know you didn't do it alone, as you have many wonderful people by your side, especially Nichole, LuAnn, extended family and a slew of friends...and of course those looking down from above. It takes a village, brother! Congratulations to you all. Emma is one spectacular young lady beyond measure with great things in store. Thank you again for allowing me to be part of this journey.

Fondly, Monda the Photographer