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I had a blast over the weekend with my two cousins - Hannah and Becca. They stopped over at my home studio for some headshots as well as some "drama" lighting test shots by my request. I got some really great shots...with a few outtakes of course! And even I got in on the action with a few headshots of my own! (Thanks, Hannah!)

Outtakes, along with tests of backdrops and light sources. I have no idea what I was doing with my arm in my shot. Putting out the vibe, maybe?!

I remember the day Hannah was was a hot August summer day. Her and I are about 8 years apart in age. I used to babysit her and her brother Mo in the summer...we used to do goofy things like make cassette tape-recorded soap opera shows, and play "store" - and one time, believe it or not, I had Hannah and Mo do a nerdy little photoshoot for me when I was babysitting them, along with my baby brother Barney at the time! Mind you this was like 1986-87...who knew the foreshadowing of a passion of photography would be rekindled for me in my later days!
[editors note: Hannah's mom - my aunt Fran, used to use me as her photo subjects when she was taking photography classes in college! Hannah also studied photography and has been my second shooter a few times!]

The beautiful Hannah! Talking about the "hands" is what made her laugh in some of these pics!

It was always so much fun to tell people growing up that Hannah and Becca's mom (my aunt) is my mom's younger sister, and she married my dad's older brother. A special bond between families if you may! I have always loved genetics. I can also remember the first time I had met Becca shortly after she was born. "A porcelain doll," I told my aunt. Yet so similar to how Hannah looked when she was little! And when you put all of the "girl" cousins together - we all look alike! Both of these gals have grown up to become beautiful young ladies! 

Testing shots with Becca. Is she not a doll like I said?!

The one on the bottom right has that porcelain look to it, just as I remember Becca when she was a baby. Love it! Overall it was fun to spend time with family while working. Thank you, ladies for coming out! Let's do it again sometime soon! Love you guys!


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