Red, White and Blue | 2017 Senior Model Team Session | Twin Cities Senior Photographer

Happy birthday, USA!

We had a schedule session for the 2017 Monda Goette Photography Senior Model Team on a summer Saturday morning in Bloomington, MN. 5 out of the 8 team members were able to attend: Chloe, Jessica, Josie, Leah and Reggie. (We missed you, Lexi, Jake and Nathan!) The morning was warm. Like really warm. Heat advisory warm. But we made it happen. 

Check out the highlight video from their session celebrating all things red, white and blue! 

This was the first official play session for these 2017 girls as official high school seniors! How exciting is that! While the entire model team was not able to attend this first session, there are so many more fun times to be had with this great group! We had ladies from Northfield High School, St. Croix Lutheran High School, New Prague High School, and Shakopee High School. 

America. 'Murica. Americana. US of A. 'Merica. Red, white and blue. These girls had the spirit of USA! Even in black and white. With their sunglasses on - and flags in hand, they were ready to R-O-C-K in the U-S-A! And we didn't waste any time, because the longer we took, the hotter it was getting outside. 45 minutes outside. BAM. Done.

I love that even though it was rather hot and humid outside, these girls kept smiles on their faces, laughed throughout the session, and even sang me a few tunes of "Proud to be an American." The team gets along very well and I'm looking forward to sharing and shooting many more sessions with them throughout their senior year! Enjoy more images from their session!

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