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I'm sure that everyone remembers Silly String from years past. Or, even recent years, depending on how much fun you might be having! Per Wikipedia, Silly String "is a toy of flexible, sometimes brightly colored, plastic string propelled as a stream of liquid from an aerosol can." I've called it string confetti. Or fun in a can. Actually, I think I've always referred to it as Silly String. This early 1970's accidental invention has got to be one of the most memorable and fun novelty toys, with many cans sold because you go through them so fast! Just ask any one of these girls!

A few of my 2016 Girls of Summer: I AM ME girls got to witness how quickly these cans ran out during a recent fun group photo session at a local park, along with two of my 2017 Senior Model Team members, Leah and Jessica to assist (thank you again, ladies!!). Each of the teen girls had a can to start the spray fun. But it did not last too long! It was a rather warm day outside (no surprise) and we went through all 9 cans of Silly String in a matter of minutes, but it was still a great time. I was able to get some super fun images from our session, and the girls were able to spend some time with each other and build new friendships, which is why the Girls of Summer: I AM ME project is so important to me. The program gives each girl the chance to realize how special and unique she is, and also helps to build confidence as an individual young lady. And when you're confident, you carry yourself differently, and people see that in you. They want to be around you. In this small group setting, it was very easy for the different personalities to get along and befriend each other. I was very proud of this group of girls to be able to form friendships during this group photo session.

Check out the fun!

Girls of summer: I am me project. silly string crew: Grace, natalie, lilee, and ellie!

I only wish that I had purchased more cans of this goofy string. I mean Silly String! With the weather being so warm that day, the string was a little more goopy than it probably should have been...and we went through it very quickly. Next time! 

This was my first go at doing a photo session with Silly String. It was kind of messy, but it was so great to see these girls have genuine smiles on their faces, even a little competitive to see who could "string" their new friend the fastest! (For the record, we did bring a garbage bag and cleaned up afterwards. Must take care of our public parks when we make a mess!)

We are doing sessions all summer long with the Girls of Summer: I AM ME program. And I can't wait to share the next session with you! If you are looking to help grow your teen's confidence through fun photo sessions, please reach out to me! You can contact me here

Keep on the lookout for future sessions from the Girls of Summer: I AM ME project! You can see other images posted on my social media pages - if you are on Instagram or Twitter, I am @mondafoto, join me for my daily adventures!

Remember to be kind all the time! It doesn't cost you a dime, and you never know the difference you might make in someone's life!
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