Jacob | Class of 2017 | Chanhassen Senior Photographer

This is Jacob. I've known him since he was in elementary school. I used to work with his mom Tracey in a previous career. I was flattered and honored when Tracey and Gerry asked me to take Jacob's senior photos! He is a 2017 senior at Chanhassen High School. I was even more flattered that Jacob remembered me after all those years of not seeing me! You see, Jacob has autism. And a tack sharp memory!

While autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disability, (as stated on the Autism Society's website) it is not slowing Jacob down. Not One. SIngle. Bit!! Jacob is one of the most busiest and most active young men I know! He does it all. He is quite remarkable actually. He participates in adaptive downhill skiing through Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard School and Padraigs Place. He has even been on TV! Check that link out here! 
There are so many different and unique things he has done - I'm amazed at his bravery and his passion to do the things he loves doing. It is very admirable.

The highlight of his summer was going to camp, he looks forward to it every summer. He told me all about it during our photo shoot. He has surfed at the Waterpark of America. He loves airplanes, and had the opportunity to go to the MSP Airport and participate in the The Autism Society's Navigating Autism program. I am certain Jacob has had a love of airplanes since I first met him!  He even does the trapeze at Twin Cities Trapeze Center in St. Paul - which, if the timing works out, I have been invited to take photos of him performing there! How cool is that?!  Keep watch for an upcoming blog about that experience...for both him AND me!

Jacob is surrounded by so many people who love him and adore him. I know that his mom and dad are so proud of who he has become. Even seeing the images that I captured tell a beautiful story of just how far he has come, and gives us all a glimpse of what's in store for his future!

I am excited to see what is next on that adventure bucket list of yours, Jacob! Thank you again for spending time with me, and for letting me into your world to take pictures of you! 

Thumbs up!

To learn more about autism, or any of the organizations mentioned in this blog, click on the respective links. Jacob has been given some pretty awesome opportunities to live a full life with his family, thanks to wonderful organizations mentioned above. The world is yours, Jacob! Enjoy your senior year!
-Fondly, Monda the Photographer 

Monda Goette Tapp

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