Newborn Session - Baby Sophia | Lakeville, MN Family Photographer

What a special little firecracker this one is! Born before her actual due date, Miss Sophia came into the world on July 4, 2016 to proud parents, and dear friends, Amy and Kurt. Of course we all know July 4 to be Independence Day, or "The Fourth of July," celebrating our freedom, and all things red, white & blue. You can add in a beautiful new baby girl, weighing in at 5 pounds and 15 ounces, to that wonderful celebration from this day forward! Photographed at 10 days new, and just over 6 pounds, here is Amy and Kurt's own (baby) Lady Liberty!

Baby, you're a firework! Like a porcelan doll, Miss Sophia lay snug in an american flag vintage-printed shall. 

Now, if you follow me and the recent work I do, you'll probably notice I have shifted my gears to more portrait photography for children, families and seniors, and not so many babies. So this was an extra special treat for me to take photos of a newborn! Especially of Sophia! (more on that later!)

This little sweetheart slept through most all of her session with me...except for when I put a pearl necklace on her. Baby didn't like that one bit! With the exception of the pearls, not a peep from her!

Another first for me - I brought in my own barnwood planks special for her in-home session for that vintage look to go with the flag-printed shall and old crate I had for these images. So precious. I love how they turned out! Vision...accomplished. Check!

Yes, this little 4th of July star sweeper needed to get brought back into the pretty pinks, a beautiful knitted blanket made by a relative, and tiaras for the second half of her photo shoot.  

It is a lot of work sleeping and being cute for my camera! So much so that we took a powder, and she yawned wide for me, and let me get right back to my work!

I am so proud of Amy and Kurt and their new daughter! I am excited to watch her grow up!

Sophia sporting a lovie I had made for her from Just Sew Baby in West St. Paul.

Editor's note: This baby girl is the niece to my late best pal, Jenny, and is the first grandchild to my #2 mom Chris and late "#2 pops," (Kurt's dad), Lenny. Oh how both Jenny and Lenny would have loved Sophia! But, I know as they look down from the Heavens above, that Sophia will always be protected and surrounded by their love!  

[I asked Kurt as I held this darling little bundle in my arms..."What do you think your dad would have nicknamed her?" At the time, Kurt wasn't sure. But days later, when I would do the session reveal, he said, "Dad would have named her Dolly." I agreed. Indeed she would be his little Dolly.]

I was honored to be there to take those first official newborn images of Sophia. She will always have a special place in my heart. Congratulations, Amy, Kurt and Ozzy the puppy dog on this newest addition to your family! She is so darling!

-Monda the Photographer