Learn more of what it's like to work with Monda Goette Photography
through my client's eyes!

Going in first thing in the morning and having my makeup done had me feeling great about myself right off the bat. I felt confident about myself the whole time because I knew that Monda was pushing me to be in the best positions for the perfect picture. I knew she wouldn’t take it if she didn’t think it was just right. That was reassuring because I knew that I was going to love the pictures because they would be most flattering.
I had a lot of fun throughout the day because we kept moving from place to place and doing a lot of different poses, it never became boring or repetitive like I had originally feared that senior pictures would be.
This shoot was special to me because I knew Monda had the best intent for these photos and wanted to capture exactly who I am as a person, within a picture. I loved every minute of today!
— EA, Class of 2018
You were able to connect with our daughter during her senior portraits and made her feel beautiful. You definitely have a gift!
— KM, Parent of Class of 2015 Grad
Thanks for the awesome day today! I had a lot of fun taking pictures with you. You made it easy for me to be myself and get me to smile. I will always remember tying to hold my fishing pole, hockey stick, and lacrosse stick in one hand. Thanks again for the great day!
— JN, Class of 2018
I had a great time working with Monda! She has the eye to pick out great photo ops. I was nervous beforehand, but once we started shooting, that all went away. Thank you!
— LC, Class of 2018
Being a part of the 2017 VIP Team was a phenomenal experience during my senior year. Not only were the photos that Monda took amazing, so were the friendships I created with others on the team. The variety of the different shoots was so fun, ranging for scorching hot summer days with Fourth of July theme, to ice skating in negative degree weather! My favorite shoot was the anti-bullying shoot because we got to model for something that is a problem in society. We wrote on ourselves and Monda created some amazing photos. A couple more of my favorites were the carnival shoot, and the prom session. I recommend this to any senior. It was an awesome experience!
— CNH, Class of 2017