Custom Products & Pricing

From Monda the Photographer:
I am a firm believer in printing your pictures so your images can be admired and seen for generations to come. But with today’s day in age, there’s this stigma with digital files…that they are all that matter. I’m here to share with you, that they are NOT all that matters!

You did not seek me out to hire me so that you could spend this much time, energy and money to walk away with a new folder that will get stashed on your hard drive. Or better yet a USB for your junk drawer to be forgotten all too soon!

I want every client that I work with to walk away from their portrait experience armed with printed products - to display in their homes, to give as gifts. To document your family’s story of today. I want you to get custom products for your office where you can be reminded why you’re working hard: for your adorable loving family. I want you to get an album to tell your story in pictures. For your kid’s kids. For their kids. We are procrastinators by nature, and I know it all too well. “I’ll just print them myself!”, or “I’ll do it when I have time.” And guess what. You don’t find that time. And before you know it, years pass you by, and that little USB is still mulling in your junk drawer, collecting dust. That is not why you hired me. A good photographer will take a beautiful picture for you, but a great photographer will create custom prints and products for you to enjoy.

Beginning April 30, 2019, Monda Goette Photography will be offering new Collections for all clients. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m combining some of the most popular client favorites with new products. Simplified, and easy. And amazing keepsakes and heirlooms to last a lifetime.

Collections will start at $695. Prints and products are not included in any session fee. And yes, there will be collections that have digital images included, as well as the opportunity to use my print fulfillment services with my professional designated lab.

All prints, products and digital files on USB are subject to the current MN sales tax rate.

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