The Power of A Photograph | A Personal Note by Monda the Photographer

Today I'm going to dive into the conversation about the good ol' fashioned magical powers of a photograph. Sure, no physical bunnies will magically appear before your very eyes, nor will a cloud of smoke emerge if you hold a printed photo in your hands. But the memories and raw emotions that photographs bring to life, often times "magically" bring you back to that very moment which has been still framed in time forever. (Do you see what I did there?)

In a few weeks, I will be 40 years old. I'm still not sure how to feel about that. But, as my number climbs in age, so does everyone else's. And while 40 might "feel" old to me personally today, I know that I am still young, and I still have quite a bit to do on my bucket list in the years ahead. Heck, even my parents are still young, and they have 20 years on me!  I could live to be 97 years young like my dear Grandpa John did...or something could happen to me today and I'd be gone in the blink of an eye. Until that day, I want to be surrounded by magic!

My best pal Jenny and I after an amazing trip to Disney World in Florida, 2010.

Let me explain the magic, and my reasons for this post. In the photo above, you see me, along with one of my best friends, Jenny. This was a really happy moment for us! For the record, I highly HIGHLY dislike the mouse (a/k/a Mickey Mouse!), but the mouse has always had special meaning to my friend Jenny. In 2010 we went on a journey to Disney World in Florida, where Jenny met the mouse in person for the first time in her life at age 35. A dream come true for her, and I have printed photographs to remind me of the magic that this mouse brought to her! It was the trip of a lifetime for her, and, well, Disney World is a magical place in you know that great memories were to be made there! I was so glad to have been there with her to experience the awesome!

I look at this  photo and I see true joy. I'm brought back to this day 5 years ago with my best pal. While I will never forget this trip, it is pictures like this which spark a piece of my memory to remind me of how awesome this trip was. It brings me back to a happy place with my friend, who unfortunately, now lives only in this photograph and in my heart. Jenny died in 2013 unexpectedly at the young age of 37. The memories we've made, the time spent, the images caught on camera that captured of our laughter and goofiness - are all I have left of her. And thank God for that magic of raw emotion which this photo brings back for me! This simple 4x6 print that I have holds enough magic for me to bring back the life of one of the greatest and best friends I've ever known, if for but a single moment. One. Single. Print!!

The best part? In another 25 years when this photo resurfaces for me, the endless magic preserved in this photo will once again come pouring out and bring back that happiness that my friend Jenny left behind for me. The same goes for every one of you. A photo has this magical ability to recreate the moment for you. What I find amazing about any photograph, is how much more powerful and magical they become after that person has passed on, and how we long to find every single photograph we ever took with that person to preserve their legacy.

This is why I say there ARE magical powers in a photograph! We have NO IDEA when our number will be called and our time on earth will have expired! The time to capture and make your memories is NOW. With you and your kids in the present moment. With the grandparents. With your best lifelong friends. Capture that magic TODAY! I encourage you to hire someone like me - who thrives on taking photos of people for a career - to capture your family in photographs. Hire a professional photographer who will capture those family memories and milestones for you so that you can also be a part of the legacy and magic of that photograph. Hire a professional photographer who will be able to tell you how magical a physical print is, and the importance of preserving your memories of time spent with those who mean the most to you. 

A photograph documents a single moment in time in one's life. It is a literal snapshot of our life right then and there. But the magic of what that photograph may priceless.  

Hug your loved ones and hold them closely. And while you're at it, call me 651.324.2052, because I want you to have the magic of that moment preserved forever in a printed photograph to cherish not only today, but for generations to come! It's what I love doing, and I'd love to be able to give those same gifts to you. There is no better time than now.

Thanks for reading.

Monda the Photographer