My Story


Hi! I'm Monda the Photographer!

I'm Monda (Goette) Tapp - a/k/a Monda the Photographer - owner and creative photographer behind Monda Goette Photography.

I have always explained my first name as “Monday without the Y” to those who don't quite catch my name the first time. (or, if you’re a smarty pants…Ronda with an “M”!)
It is definitely a unique name, it suits me well!

I want to take this opportunity to tell you about myself, and share with you why photography is something that I hold so near and dear to my heart. Welcome to Monda Goette Photography!

Image courtesy of Karen Stauffer Photography.

Telling Stories Through My Eyes

Early in life, I realized my passion in the world of creativity and photography. Believe it or not, I loved being in front of the camera when I was young. ( I love being behind it more!) Since junior high, I have always wanted to be in a creative role, as thinking outside of the box came naturally to me. I love graphic design, conceptual advertising, and of course - taking photographs...but not just any photographs - photographs that capture the details and tell a story through my vision.

Because of my passion - I realize the importance of capturing life's precious moments with a photograph. Photos document a particular place in time. Forever. A lifelong memory. A single emotion, or maybe many. The emotion captured in a like a magical power! There's magic in every photograph we take! You could take a photograph today of you and your best friend laughing, and in 20 years, when you pick that same photo back up, you will feel those emotions and memories all over again...just like magic!So powerful! It was such an enlightening experience to discover this (for myself) - that I want to just keep sharing this good news! You can read more about the power of a photograph in a recent blog I wrote here.

I have always believed that photos are like our very own story books. They document those special moments and milestones in our lives, one chapter at a time, savoring the magical moments. Everybody has a story to tell! I fell in love with being the one who captures those magical moments for people in my own creative and artistic way. I’m helping my clients paint and preserve the pictures of their lives with every click of the shutter. Like pixie dust stored in a bottle. I'm creating lasting memories.

Today, I'm proud to say that I've had so many fabulous individuals step in front of my lens to continue my own story's legacy in doing what I love. I will always be grateful to those who have given me such opportunities. I have a more natural, lifestyle approach to my photography art, but I’m also still learning every day on perfecting my craft. (You are NEVER too old to learn!) This means I do my best work by observing you in your own element - most times on location in the Twin Cities Metro area. I have a studio location in Bloomington, MN. 

Other Things About Me

I’m just like you. I have hobbies, things I enjoy (things I don’t), trying to appreciate each day, living my best life that I can. Being a small business owner means I have to find balance for business and personal life. Even during the busiest times of the year, I still need to feed my soul with other things I love to maintain a healthy lifestyle overall. When I am not behind the camera, you will most likely find me watching my son play junior hockey, or relaxing by the fire pit, or enjoying a nice cup of coffee on my deck. I'm married, and enjoy spending time with my family and close friends. I’m a new resident of Woodbury, MN. Our dog, Chili, is almost 1 year old (December), and while she is a handful, she is a sweet dog who loves the outdoors and running around, and even shares the bed with us at night! (reads: bed hog!) If you know me at all, you will know I am a cat person, but currently without a cat at this time. In time, folks, in time I’ll get a new feline friend, I promise!

Some of my favorite things in random order: unique antique finds, most music, acoustic guitar (nope I can’t play), waterfalls, sunsets, laughter, singing karaoke, big hair bands of the 80's and 90's, and traveling to small Midwest towns. I also love great motivational books, as well as books and resources for a healthier happier self. I love fashion, but believe you me, I love me a good hoodie and comfy clothes! I know many of you reading this speak my language on this common midwestern attire! I love learning about makeup and beauty health, and other good-for-you-health things. Self care is so important!

I look forward to learning more about you! Check out my latest happenings on my Facebook page or you can also follow me on Instagram @mondafoto! Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope we get the chance to work together soon!

Newest family member, “Chili dog”

My family!