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The I AM ME project from Monda Goette Photography has been designed to remind young teens and preteens of today just how special they are - to love who they are TODAY. The goal of this project is to help build the confidence and self-esteem during a very influential time of their young lives.

In 2018, I revised my mission statement for my teen and senior portrait portion of Monda Goette Photography, and publicly declared my new message for the world to hear - and much of it branches from my I AM ME concept, as well as really honing in on building self confidence and helping teens and young adults value their worth. You can read my business manifesto public declaration a/k/a mission statement here.

What is the I AM ME project? It is a photo session that is all about Y-O-U. Preteens and teens are always dealing with peer pressures, self esteem, bullying, and confidence concerns, in addition to not always knowing where you fit in. This is a chance for teens to focus on what is important to you, including your hobbies, things you love, your dreams and aspirations. To wholeheartedly admit the things you are great at, and to maybe address the things that are weighing heavily on your shoulders. It is a time for you to tell me what’s on your mind…what your world is like, and how you might want to improve the world for others, or for yourself. Together, we make for a unique photo session that is all things you. It is quite remarkable what young minds can conjure up!

The I AM ME session experience helps to remind you that you are important, you are enough, and you matter, just as you are. Your I AM ME studio session experience is a safe place for you to be yourself, to feel empowered, and never judged. You have a powerful voice, your story needs to be told. I help to tell your story through a series of photographs. And as a result, the hopes are that you walk away with a new found confidence, you hold your head a little higher, and you will practice being kind to others.

If you have a teen or preteen who will be between the ages of 10-16 by November 1, I want to hear from you! I’ll be doing the I AM ME project all winter long, and I look forward to meeting your son or daughter!

 Custom "i am me" bracelet handcrafted by mary's marketplace, MN

Custom "i am me" bracelet handcrafted by mary's marketplace, MN

  what are you waiting for? GET ON OUR WAITING LIST!

what are you waiting for? GET ON OUR WAITING LIST!

If you are interested in having your teen or preteen participate in this special project and they are in grades 6-10, please fill out the contact information below to get on our waiting list! 

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