Custom Products & Pricing

You can purchase digital files, custom prints and products from your children, senior or family sessions in one of two ways. You may purchase select digital files a la carte, or you may choose to invest via portrait collection.

When you invest via portrait collection, or “Create Your Own Collection,” this allows you to customize a portrait package according to your own needs with pricing that is a better value than a la carte, with the option to include ALL digital files from your session with full print release for personal use. PLUS, when you purchase from Create Your Own Collection, you can add on to your collection with our specialty product menu not available otherwise!

Creating Your Own Custom Collection:

Simply follow this 2-step process to complete your custom portrait collection:

Step 1: Choose Signature Product

A. Wall Art (16×20 and larger or wall sets) – starting at $250
B. Albums (20 or more images) – starting at $425
C. Gift Print Bundles (select sizes to 11x14) – starting at $325

Step 2: Choose Digital Files

A. All Files on USB (printable to 8x10) – $525
B. All Files on USB (printable to 30x40) – $795 (includes a complimentary image box with all session proofs, or set of 3 mini books)

Add on to your Custom Collection!
Choose from our optional specialty product menu when you create your own collection!


Digital Files A la Carte

A. 12 Files on USB (printable to 8x10) – $525
B. 20 Files on USB (printable to 30x40) – $995

All prints, products and digital files on USB are subject to the current MN sales tax rate.

Printing your purchased images from our fulfillment lab:

Along with a USB drive of digital files, your files are uploaded to my print fulfillment site, which links to my professional lab. They will provide you with a printed product that is on par with what I would deliver for my collection orders. Prints range from wallet size to 11x14. Because this is a pro-level lab, they will match the color calibration information within the files and properly print the images, giving YOU a professional quality print. Prices are competitive with other consumer labs and they ship right to your front door. Super easy! But fear not-if you need assistance, I’m just a phone call away. I am a full service studio and it is my job to see you through the process from start to finish!

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