Reggie | 2017 Northfield High School | Twin Cities Senior Portrait Photographer

This is Reggie, hockey player, and Class of 2017 and soon-to-be graduate from Northfield High School! Reggie is also a member of my 2017 Senior Model Team this year.


Reggie was fortunate enough to have gone to State for Minnesota State High School Girls Hockey back-to back 2 consecutive years in a row! How cool is that! The Northfield Raiders placed 4th in the tournament. 

Take a peek at her video slideshow from her senior session last fall.

Reggie is the daughter of my good friend Tina who is a longtime friend since jr. high/high school days...and wow did it bring back flashbacks of yesteryear! Their mannerisms, their looks. It is mind blowing to me how similar their features are to each other! So much so that I would easily pass them for sisters any given day! Genetics always fascinate me! Reggie has a gleaming smile with these dimples that highlight her smile. And so smart just like her mamma!

senior session in minnesota monda goette photography

We spent a fall morning in downtown St. Paul for her senior photo session. It was an interesting and fun day for a high school senior we witnessed a random (adult) guy destroying flower arrangements outside of a business; we nearly got lost in the crowd at the farmer's market, but best of all, we got to stop and pay a visit to Mr. Herb Brooks. - the statue, that is. You'll love the images from Reggie's session. Have a look!


Sometimes, you just find graduate year representation along your senior sessions! Class of 2017!


One of Reggie's requests was to have images taken near the infamous Mickey's Diner on West 7th Street in downtown St. Paul. Done and done! Mickey's never looked so good!


As mentioned, Reggie was also on my 2017 Senior Model Team. You can browse those sessions and videos here: Team USA, Glitter, Promo shoot, Carnival Fun, Winter Skate, and Destination Session. So many great sessions - I am so happy you could be a part of it!


With doing hockey for so many years, Reggie has experienced various injuries like concussions, and bad knees, and other blips along the it is no wonder she plans to attend Minnesota State University Mankato in the fall to pursue sports medicine studies. To play a sport your entire life, and then want to devote your career studies to helping other athletes who have experienced injuries, is like her calling!


Thank you, Reggie, for making the trek up to the cities all the way from Northfield to spend time with me for both your senior session and model team shoots! You are so incredibly talented and smart, and I know you are going to do great things in your future. I can't wait to see what is in store for you, and wish you tons of luck on your journey! Congratulations on your graduation.

-Monda the Photographer

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