Part 1-Fistful of Glitter Session | Bloomington, MN Photographer

The shimmer was on like rays of sunshine for my 2016 Girls of Summer: I AM ME teen models and the 2017 Monda Goette Photography Senior Model girls for our "Fistful of Glitter" themed photo session! A dazzling way to kick off my very first photo session in my new studio space in Bloomington, MN! Part 1 of our big photo shoot will highlight more of the Girls of Summer crew, and their model experience.

If you've ever worked with glitter and confetti, you know it to be a big colorful mess. A beautiful disaster. A sparkling storm. A two-hour cleanup for me post-session! 

But, in another view - glitter shines. It sparkles. It is almost breathtaking to see. Magical in a sense. That is how I envisioned it to be as a representation for the Girls of Summer model glitter crew. These girls came in with amazing confidence, all dressed up and ready to strut their stuff in front of my lens. Each girl had a twinkle in her eye. It was my hopes that she felt especially beautiful on this day for our sparkly photo shoot. The Girls of Summer glitter crew was also greeted by my 2017 High School Senior Model Team girls. 

Top Row 1: Josie, Grace, Leah, Kenley. Row 2: Natalie, Hayden. Row 3: Reggie, Jessica, Lilee, MaKenna. Row 4: Ella, Lexi, Chloe, Ellie. Shine on, model teams!

There are a lot of images to share with you, AND I still have to create the second part to this blog I won't talk your ear off with tons of text! But I do want to say this.

Self esteem and feeling a part of something are very important to our younger generation.

A sense of belonging. Feeling included. Feeling special. Most off all, feeling accepted, and recognized for who they are today. This is greatly in part why doing the I AM ME project this summer was so important for ME to do. So much judgement out there that is negative and bringing people down, that it was time to bring something uplifting to the table, to remind our younger girls that they are enough. That they are who they are, and they should be proud of that...and that it is OK for them to LOVE THEMSELVES! Their smiles and the images below will radiate the many emotions I just stated. Enjoy!

Ella, Friendly and Fun.

Ellie the Athlete.

Grace. Pretty and Positive. 

Hayden the Creative.

Kenley-Caring and Confident.

Lilee. Loud and Laughable. (her own words!)

Lilee. Loud and Laughable. (her own words!)

MaKenna - Loving and Outgoing.

Natalie-Awesome and Adventurous.

Just look at all of them shine. Their smiles put a smile on my face. They will for you, too!

I absolutely love these girls! The energy and excitement they bring to the studio. I'm so proud of each one of them for being able to put themselves out there - to boldly and confidently tell the world "I AM ME!" Be sure to watch for Part 2 of the Fistful of Glitter session blog featuring more of my high school model team!

-Fondly, Monda the Photographer

I am considering doing another round this fall into winter for a model program geared towards high school underclassmen (grades 9-11), if this might interest you, please reach out to me, and I'll be sure to keep you on the VIP list should another project come about! 

Monda Goette Tapp

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