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Our Forever Family. That is the title of this wonderful story I am going to share with you! 
As a portrait photographer, part of my goal is to be able to tell the personal stories of the clients through candid photos. My images depict the magical moments families share. The story of this particular family will warm your heart!


The term "forever family" is widely used among families who have completed the adoption process. The two children you see in the photo - are actually half-siblings and were adopted by two wonderful moms, Cheryl and Terri. The young man was adopted first, and a few years later, they learned that the little miss was a half-sibling, and she too joined their family shortly after. How amazing is that, to keep a brother and sister together within the same family - but at two completely different times! Mom and Mommy could not be happier with their forever family! I cannot be happier for them!


"I just luhhhhv my bruddder!" she said during our photo session, as she went to cuddle on to her big brother's arm. It melted my heart, and was just so precious to hear. A lover of all things "Frozen" - this young lady had a smile to light up any room. Big brother had a charm all of his own! At their reveal session, the two moms brought out other photo albums of their connection with their children's birth family members. It was so amazing to see the love surrounding these children and their family members. These two moms...they are angels I tell you!

Big Brother

Little Sister

Such a special story to hear as the moms proudly shared their adoption story moments with me, and I am so thankful and appreciate their openness about the whole thing. There are many special people in this world, and I truly believe those who create forever homes with adoptions are at the top of the list. 

Check out more special images caught with this family during their session with me in Burnsville, MN. We took favorite images from their session and put it to video for the full experience. Enjoy!

Again I thank you, Cheryl and Terri for letting me into these special moments of your lives! 
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