Meet Kaitlin, 2016 Senior Model Team Member | St. Croix Lutheran, West St. Paul

Introducing Kaitlin!

One of my favorite things to do as a high school senior photographer is to work with my model team. This year, I have started a completely new and improved senior model program to give my high school seniors and their families the ultimate portrait experience. I am SO EXCITED and honored to have Kaitlin on the 2016 team!

Kaitlin's model shoot was focused on the simplicity of layering items and accessorizing to complete "the look." I created two great outfits with some selections from H&M. A great and affordable place for girls to find outfits for their upcoming senior portrait session!

Say hello to Miss Kaitlin! Such a pretty smile!

Anything watermelon flavored goes!

The fun part of working with a group of model representatives is to get to know each one of them on a more personal level. Their goals after high school, what they want to be when they grow up...and of course, unique things about them. One thing is a for sure hit with Kaitlin - and that is anything that is WATERMELON flavored! 

Speaking of hitting...I promised my fans that I would explain the hashtag created for Kaitlin. "#iplaysoftball" One thing she is really proud of, is the fact that she has made the starting line up for the Crusaders varsity softball at St. Croix Lutheran High School in West St. Paul. When we were doing her initial model session, I was getting her ready for a shot, and I said "Now pop it!" to strike the pose for this particular shot, and she looked at me and her mom, and she said with a giggle, "But I play softball!" It was a brilliant moment, actually! It broke the barrier of nerves and we had a lot of laughs and the rest of the session was super fun! The outtake from that moment:

"I play softball" hashtag moment started right here!

So from that point on, I thought it would be fun to include the "#iplaysoftball" quote as a hashtag for any images posted of Kaitlin on the web for you all to follow. Softball is one of many things Kaitlin does to keep active. She also enjoys walking, as well as hanging out with friends and being involved with youth group. Her friends would best describe her as talkative. The last good book she read was the novel "Wintergirls" by Laurie Halse Anderson. 

When asked what three things she cannot live without, she said, "My phone, anything watermelon flavored, and gum!" Great choices! When she grows up, she would like to be a child psychologist, although her dream job would be a dental hygenist. Definitely someone who has the heart for helping others! 

A few random facts about Kaitlin that not too many know about:
"I have a mole under my eye; my middle name is from a movie; and I'm an awesome hula hooper!"  (editor's note: I am hoping I can see the latter in action sometime!)

I absolutely adore Kaitlin and everything about her! It touched my heart when I asked her who was her biggest inspiration. She stated, "My grandma is my inspiration. She always sees the best in situations and people, she is patient and loving. All around, she's the best person I know." Thank you, grandma, for instilling such wonderful qualities in your granddaughter!

Here are a few more shots from Kaitlin's model session. I will be sharing and posting more images throughout the sumer and into her senior year - so be sure that you follow me on all social media platforms to experience the world of Kaitlin!
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And don't forget to watch for the "#iplaysoftball" hashtag throughout her senior year! 

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