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I have always said that there is something magical in a photograph. That moment of that specific time in history that is captured in a single image. I love that. I love that there is a document of our experiences! Memories preserved and kept alive as if we were there in that moment every single time we glance at that image. That fascinates me! And I'm so glad that I am in a profession where I can help preserve that magic! (Yes I do love my job!) Sometimes I cannot WAIT to get home so I can upload the images to start editing them!

It is also exciting that one of my 2016 Senior Model Team Members, Maddie, of New Prague High School, decided that she wanted to do her exclusive Friend Session with some of her favorite people! We spent a cold Minnesota morning in New Prague for Maddie's friend session! (you can see Maddie's senior session here)

Maddie with her favorites!

There were some great dynamics with this group of ladies that we did the friend shoot with. There were three - count them...THREE girls named "Maddie" - including my model!  I don't think I've ever experienced that before! And she also had two of her cousins present, which was also fun. (From this point on, I will refer to Maddie on my model team as Maddie (my model.)

Maddie (my model) has worked very hard throughout her senior year attending pre-college courses, and working, fashion designing, plus staying on top of her studies for school, so I was thrilled when she said she would love to take advantage of my exclusive friend session as part of her being in the model program! I'm so happy that I could spend some time with her to capture some memories and laughter with her friends! Take a look!

My model Maddie and her friends are all about the combat boots!

Maddie's favorite color is BLACK. Naturally, when gathering up her friends for this session, her theme was black or dark colors. I don't know if she included the requirement for every girl to also wear a boot of some sort, but Maddie's most favorite footwear are her combat boots!


Let's kick it off with the buddy shots with the "Maddies:"

Maddie (my model) with Maddie B

Maddie (my model) with the other Maddie - Maddie S

And the rest of her crew! Pretty smiles for these candid moments!

Maddie with her cousin Leah

Totally in love with the checkered black and white here with her cousin Leah!

Maddie with her other cousin, New Prague High School Sophomore, Ellie

Maddie with Brekkyn

Maddie with Becky

Part of what I love about my job (besides capturing the magic in the photograph memories!) is finding the beauty in our surroundings and making the backdrop work for the personality of my client. This area happened to be right up Maddie's alley - as she is creative and likes to stray from the typical "nature" urbanesque all the way! It really turned out to be a neat backdrop! Enjoy the collage from their cold and chilly photo shoot!

This textured wall in the same location we were at served as the perfect scene. So happy that you were able to make the time to do this with all of your friends, Maddie! Thank you so much! I hope you ladies had fun!

Thank you again!
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