The Little Sweethearts | Shakopee, Minnesota Children's Photographer

When you think of Valentine's Day, do you think of sweet things?

I'm not one to usually do themed sessions, but I decided to run a limited edition Valentine's marathon this year, and I had two of my little favorites over to join me for some sweet fun! (yes, pun intended!)

One of my most favorite candies during Valentine's - Wonka brand Gobstopper Heartbreakers!

Candy is magical. It is sweet, vibrantly colored most times, and when the scent fills the air, it's like a blanket of pixie dust scattered everywhere! With my studio filled with the scent of orange creme soda (I diffused Citrus Bliss essential oils from doTERRA), the first thing the girls said when they came into the studio was "it smells SO GOOD in here!" (I had to create a yummy environment for what was about to take place!) Pull up an old vintage heart-shaped ice cream parlor chair and have a seat...we're about to have some fun!

We created our very own Candyland!

I had always wanted to do a Valentine's session with kids and candy - because kids usually show a genuine level of excitement when candy is present - and it is fun for them to be able to hold and touch the candy as they anticipate their first taste. I was super pleased with how well the ladies carried themselves during the shoot. Maybe I will do this again come Easter time!
Special thanks to these gals for sharing their morning with me! I had a great time, I hope they did too!

Monda Goette Tapp

St Paul Minneapolis Portrait Photographer for children, families, teens, high school seniors, corporate headshots, branding, sports, and special events. Twin Cities photographer.