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Every time I took a photo of St. Croix Lutheran High School senior, and soon-to-be-graduate, Alexis (Lexi), she reminded me of her mom!


Many (many) years ago, I used to attend dance class and gymnastics class with Lexi's mom, Carrie. And sometimes, genetics run strong, and the minute I was introduced to Lexi last spring, I immediately went back to my childhood with her mom. Lexi you are so beautiful and youthful just like your mom.


Lexi makes me laugh! I love her carefree attitude and she can light up the room with her presense wherever she goes. I had the honor of having Lexi as one of my models for my 2017 senior model team this year. And, while Lexi is a very busy gal going on mission trips and other events, she was able to come to some of our fun sessions throughout her senior year. And I'm glad she was part of the team, because she is just so darn funny! 

Lexi had a favorite place in mind for her senior portraits to be taken in Hastings. A gorgeous location for a gorgeous young lady! Thankfully she made it to her session ok, as she had an athsma attack prior to arriving! (scary!) Scroll down below to see some of the favorites from her senior session in 2016!

high school senior portrait photographer

I learned early on that Lexi had a love for the Crocs sandals/shoes. Well, one of my rules for our model team shoots that I always teased Lexi about was "No Crocs!" And with every shoot, Lexi made that effort to change up her most favorite sandal just for me. I love you for this, Lex! I told her she could wear them for her senior session, but she impresses me yet again and did not wear them until after she was done with her session! Thank you a million times for being such a great sport about the Crocs - it was fun to tease you but I knew you could handle it!


That smile, though. And your dimples. So pretty!


The other thing about Lexi, is her random laughter outbursts that sometimes would become bursts of wheezing...which then made us all laugh even harder! (not AT you, with you of course!)  Those moments were truly classic. (She even started to wheeze/laugh at the end of her senior session, and I caught a photo of it.) Check it out!


I mentioned Lexi was part of my model team. You can view some of those sessions here. 2017 Senior Destination Shoot, a really awesome anti-bullying session, Fistfull of Glitter, and our Spring Umbrella Rain shoot.

Lexi, having you on the team has been such a blast! It was neat to see you look to your peers for advice on how to "pose" when you were uncertain - or how your giggles started a trail of outbursts of laughter among all of you. I love that you were yourself - you did not hold back, and you trusted me enough to live in those moments in my presence and not fear "adult judgement." For that, I thank you. You have reminded me that young adults like you have a  voice, and you want to be heard.

Please promise me a few things as you continue on to Inver Hills Community College and other endeavors in your life...1.) ALWAYS CARRY YOUR INHALER with you wherever you may go!, 2.) If you must wear Crocs, at least have a few pairs of different colors in rotation when you go in public places so you can change it up a bit! ;-), and 3.) Never stop smiling and being true to who you are.

Wishing you the utmost success in life! You have made your mamma proud, keep going! It was a pleasure working with you this year on my model crew! 

-Monda the Photographer

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