Kaitlin, 2016 Senior Model | Friend Group Session | Edina, MN | Senior Photographer

Not one moment of her last year of high school is to be missed for Kaitlin, a class of 2016 senior at St. Croix Lutheran. She is smart, drop dead gorgeous, she was crowned 2015 Homecoming Queen, she is loved and adored by many close friends, and has an amazing family who loves and supports her in everything she does. Her mom (who can easily pass for her sister) is always nearby to capture those candid moments, and is also loved by many of Kaitlin's friends. And I love this dynamic. 

If I didn't know them, I would say they were sisters 100%! So beautiful together!

I am honored to also have Kaitlin as a model for my  Class of 2016 Monda Goette Photography Senior Model Program. One of the perks for my 2016 model team is an exclusive "Friends Group Session" mid-way through their senior year. As a photographer, I wanted to also be able to capture those special moments of my models with their closest friends. A fun, laid back session just being themselves. 

On a (very) cold January saturday, Kaitlin and her six closest friends bundled up and spent some time with me outdoors in Edina for their group photo session. Even though it was freezing, we had a blast! Mom was also right there, holding the purses, and other items the crew brought for their shoot. 

Kaitlin and her crew with a planned photobomb by Jason!

It was maybe 4 or 5 degrees the day of her friend session (with an even colder wind chill), but that didn't stop this group from being happy and having fun together. I'm thrilled that they braved the cold and came out. I think moments like this are something they will take with them and look back on years from now and remember all of the fun times they had in their high school years.

Take a peek at some of the highlights from this group session!

Warm hot cocoa during their session! YES!

Individual shots:

As important as it was to get lots of group shots, having individual pictures taken with each friend will bring a lasting memory for a lifetime! Up first: Kaitlin and Allyson!

Kaitlin and Jason - Homecoming King and Queen. High school sweethearts. Perfect couple. 

Kaitlin and Kelly - piggy back!

Kaitlin and Leah - they took a running start for their mid-air collision! (see their video below!) Leah is Class of 2017 - and I am hopping I have a chance to work with her this spring in my senior model program! (hint, hint! :-) 

Kaitlin and Leah in a fun little photo mashup action shot video!

Kaitlin and Ryan - Ryan went for the jump surprise attack!

Kaitlin and Sophia - I teased Sophia that she didn't have her selfie stick this time around! (We ran into her in downtown Stillwater when we were doing Kaitlin's regular senior session this summer, and she had a selfie stick-and of course I took a behind-the-scenes photo! You can see that image here!) They did a little spin in the snow for a fun candid shot!

This was a really fun group of friends! Here are some more highlights from their shoot with Monda Goette Photography!

It was super cool to have Jason be there too! I have seen Kaitlin smile before, but it is very VERY genuine when Jason is present. Oh, to be young and in love!

Anticipating the snowball lobbed in the air! Did it hit anyone? You decide!

Incoming snowball!

Kaitlin, you have a fantastic group of friends surrounding you! I enjoyed getting to know everyone and thank you so much to Allyson, Jason, Kelly, Leah, Ryan and Sophia for bundling up all so that Kaitlin and I could get some lasting images with each and every one of you!

Stay warm and enjoy these final moments of your high school years together! Make the memories last! 
- Monda the Photographer

If you are a current junior, and you want to capture moments like this during YOUR senior year as a senior model representative for Monda Goette Photography, click here and let's chat!