Jake | Class of 2017 | Shakopee Senior Photographer, MN

Jake, Class of 2017 senior and soon-to-be-graduate from Shakopee High School, started off with a quick pancake breakfast the morning of his senior session. I'm going to rewind the clock just a little bit.


I've known Jake for quite some time, as my son and his younger brother were in youth hockey together. I can recall many times where Jake and his dad would gear up to go hunting, or Jake would be one of the many siblings who tagged along (reads: dragged along) on those weekend youth hockey tournaments out-of-town, hanging out with the other kids in someone's hotel room, playing video games, or going swimming in the hotel pool. Great memories of yesteryear. I might even have an old cell phone pic of all of you boys in someone's room playing knee hockey!

Jake has grown up a little since then! Well, alot. He has grown into a fine young man. Fast forward the clock to a few years later, here we are, ready for Jake's senior portraits. Jake, along with his mom and myself, fought the rainy weather with a few reschedules to get his session in. Finally, the weather was coopertive with us! 

Take a look at some pics from his senior session in late summer 2016.

jake collage 1.jpg

Jake hung out with our 2017 Model Team earlier in his senior year for a fun carnival session down in Northfield. You can check that video out here! We missed you at some of our shoots, but it was fun when we had almost everyone together!


Jake, as soft spoken as you were during your senior session, I am glad that we were able to get a funny outtake for you (see lower right image). You may come across as the quiet type, but I know you have a wonderful sense of humor. And, even though your mom is celebrating as you pack your bags to start your college days in North Dakota, (and you wish she would stop), I hope that you know both she and your dad are very proud of you! 


Some parents have that "last of the lasts" syndrome for their kids as they approach their senior year with a tear in their eye after each "last" event or moment. Not Jake's mom! She enjoyed every moment of Jake's last of the lasts with a celebration of "one down...two to go!" (Just kidding, I don't really know exactly how she may have celebrated, but this was a fun way to wrap up Jake's senior session that day with a plaque that reads "Mom stop celebrating!") Love ya, Laurie! This was great.

While his high school year is winding down in a matter of days, Jake's story is just beginning. Jake will be attending North Dakota State University in the fall to study engineering. You will do well, Jake! Best of luck to you as you go on your new journey. Congrats, and hats off to you!

-Monda the Photographer

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