Fashion and Beauty Lighting Photo Shoot in St. Paul Rocked - Find out why

Last weekend, I had an opportunity to attend a Fashion and Beauty Lighting Photo Shoot workshop in St. Paul, and it was fantstic! Led by the talented Cary Rothschild, of Cary Rothschild Photography, this five-hour workshop-also known as a "meetup" event-was an opportunity I was so glad to be a part of! (Cary is in the blue tshirt in the second set of images below, upper left.)

There was a small group of Twin Cities Photography Group (TCPG) members in my training session - just enough where we could all take some test shots of our lovely model for the day, Miss Allyson Amber (who is a Budweiser Girl, by the way!). Our instructor, Cary, walked us through about ten different lighting set ups and techniques - some of which I was familiar with, and some which I had never tried with studio lighting before, and fell in LOVE with the looks we created! From Rembrant lighting, to what I call "old school" cinematic lighting - Cary covered some very classic and modern fashion and beauty lighting basics. 


Of course some of the best images we can capture are the ones "behind the scenes" - or pullbacks as the industry refers to them as. I also wanted to make sure I had visuals of the lighting styles we were doing. One of my most favorite new photography homemade go to piece of equipment was the "V-Flats." V-Flats are two boards (pictured below) to bounce or absorb light overflow in an image. A genius in-studio trick! Roger, one of the awesome members of TCPG, is a master at building and creating things for the studio. He built the cyc wall, the v-flat set, the bay tables, backdrop systems, and probably many other things that I have not yet discovered in the studio bay areas. Roger is actually pictured standing along the wall in the far right image below. (the other model is Eric, who was also in our photo group who graciously allowed for us to photograph him in the split light segment.)

Monda Goette Photography shoots Fashion and Beauty Lighting

You have seen the images, and I've told you a bit about the experience. Now you know what made this Fashion and Beauty Lighting Photo Shoot in St. Paul rock! Great instruction, great modeling, great community of photographers wanting to improve their crafts, myself included! 

Monda Goette Tapp

St Paul Minneapolis Portrait Photographer for children, families, teens, high school seniors, corporate headshots, branding, sports, and special events. Twin Cities photographer.