A Year In Review and A Note of Thanks | Twin Cities Photographer

Another year gone! Wow!

It is so cliche for me to say that time flies, or that I have the best job in the world...but IT IS TRUE! I really DO have the best job in the world, and time really DID fly by this year!

This year  at Monda Goette Photography, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with so many great new people! You let me into your world so that I could capture moments of who you really are, and that is nothing short of amazing. In my eyes, my time spent with you and your family was way more than just someone with a camera taking your picture. These moments were REAL. They were inspiring. Magical moments! 

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with some returning clients (and old friends) from years passed. That means the world to me! To see where your family has been to where they are now since we have worked together last - is absolutely a treat in itself. Another cliche out there is that "kids grow up so fast!" After looking at previous sessions from returning clients I have worked with this year - that statement could not be more true. I loved having familiar faces in front of my camera this year! 

One of the many great families I have worked with over the years!

Through my lens, I listened and captured the magic of your raw emotions, your happiness, your sorrow, your talent, your success, your heart, your love. All YOU. And I cannot thank you enough for entrusting me enough by letting me into your world so that I could capture memories of YOU as you are TODAY. (You can check out my blog for more individual stories here!)

Since I have been in business as a photographer, there have been many great stories told through my eyes. But this year - this year it felt different. In 2015, my clients have captivated me and challenged me to take my art to a whole new level. By working with me, you have grown to learn the importance of printing images and proudly displaying them in your home. You realize that printed photos are powerful and magical, and that they really will bring you back to special moments in time. You see the lights shine within others when you share your images with friends and family via social media. You are proud of your images - your story - and you want your story to be known...and for that I'm grateful. Very, very grateful! I feel that I have grown both professionally and personally this year. And it is because of all of you!

There were so many beautiful and magical images captured, that I wanted to create a "Year in Review" video for you all to enjoy.

From the bottom of my heart, I do say THANK YOU. Looking forward to an even greater 2016.
God Bless.
Fondly, Monda the Photographer

Monda Goette Tapp

St Paul Minneapolis Portrait Photographer for children, families, teens, high school seniors, corporate headshots, branding, sports, and special events. Twin Cities photographer.