2016 Senior Model Team | Black and White, Twin Cities Senior Photographer

I love black and white photography. The contrast from the shadows and the variance of light, the art that transforms with each image. It fascinates me! Black and white photography has always interested me since I was younger. While color images can be stunning, (Hello...my other favorite photography is the gorgeous sunsets...can you imagine a black and white sunset? Not half as amazing!) black and white images can take on an entirely different perspective. Both in landscape and portrait photography.

For our early spring model team play shoot, the theme was-you guessed it-black and white. The kids were to wear patterns, items with texture, being more "themselves" for this shoot. We went to the studio in St. Paul and utilized a gray backdrop with the Alien Bees b800 strobe lighting. I don't spend a lot of time in a studio setting, so to be able to play with the artistry of artificial and strobe lighting is always exciting. And I had a great group with me to come along for the ride.

Once again, it is my pleasure to share with you the Monda Goette Photography Class of 2016 Senior Model Team...Black and White style!

The crew: Kaitlin, Maddie, Emma, and Hunter - Class of 2016 Senior Model Team

All I kept hearing was "High School Musical"...this is the first set of "jumps" of the day:

After a few takes, we said forget the hand holding!

Here are some more images from our fun morning black and white themed shoot!


Emma always has on her favorite color of nailpolish...black! I'm sure she was super excited about this session's theme! P.S. Nice hat!


Hunter thought we were supposed to all be IN black, so he wore dark colors. Still...you looked great, Hunter! Always glad that you are a part of the group!


When I first met Kaitlin, her hair was super long. She has since cut it and she styled it so cute for this group shoot! I loved it!


Maddie is also another admirer of the color black! I knew that this shoot would be awesome for her too. (P.S. I hope I get to see you wear that awesome shirt you made in our next shoot! You are SUPER talented!)

We were without one of our crew members (we missed you, Ebonie!), but we still had a great time. The group hadn't been together since we did our "Destination Shoot" in August of 2015 (to see that session click here). It was so fun to see everyone again, how they've changed during their senior year. I'm glad we were able to hang out again!

Outdoor-striking a pose!

I say this shoot was in the spring, and it kind of was. But - you know how Minnesota weather goes. Nice one day, then bone-chilling the next. We were in between on the nice and bone-chilled day, but this crew still managed to muster up enough smiles and laughter for a few snapshots outside of the studio.

As these guys and gals get closer to their big day - their graduation day, I am grateful they will still take a few moments out of their busy lives to come and hang out with their photographer. I'm also still so very honored that you all have chosen to work with me throughout your senior year to capture these fun moments! Until the next shoot...see you all very soon!

-Monda the Photographer

Do you know someone who you think might be a great fit for my 2017 senior model team? Get in touch with me here right away! I'd love to chat more about it!